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Our Staff

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 Jennifer Thao, Principal 
Jennifer Thao

Photo of Nick Boris 
Nick Boris
Senior G.I.S.

 Photo of Mai Yia Moua 
Mai Yia Moua
Senior Resource Teacher

Photo of Analisa Luna 
Analisa Luna
School Psychologist

Teachers by Grade

 Picture of Debbie Lopez 
Debbie Lopez
Preschool Teacher AM

Picture of Bonita Gomez 
Bonita Gomez
Preschool Teacher PM

 TK / Kindergarten
 Sierra Vista Logo 
Sherri Johnson
 Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Lassley-Austin 
Lisa Lassley Austin
Kindergarten Teacher 

 Picture of Deborah Ramirez 
Deborah Ramirez
Transitional-Kindergarten Teacher

 1st Grade
 Picture of Madison Martinez 
Madison Dodge
1st Grade Teacher


 Picture of Kristen Mouanoutoua 
Kristen Mouanoutoua
"Mrs. M"
1st Grade Teacher

Picture of Mrs. Taniguchi 
Stacey Taniguchi
1st Grade

 2nd Grade
 Picture of Diana Janzen Diana Janzen
2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Amanda Rhodes
Amanda Rhodes
2nd Grade Teacher

 Picture of Yee Thao 
Yee Thao
2nd Grade Teacher


 3rd Grade
 Picture of Tammy Adrian Tammy Adrian
3rd Grade Teacher

Picture of Kimberly Ballinger Kimberly Ballinger
3rd Grade Teacher

Picture of Heather Zemlicka

Heather Zemlicka
3rd Grade Teacher

 4th Grade
 Picture of Michael Williamson 

Michael Williamson
4th Grade Teacher

Picture of Jennifer Linares 
Jennifer Linares
4th Grade Teacher

 5th Grade
 Picture of Lisa Girton Lisa Girton
5th Grade Teacher

Picture of Aaron Green 
Aaron Green
5th Grade Teacher

 6th Grade
 Picture of Jodi Anderson Jodi Anderson
6th Grade Teacher

Picture of Heather Richardson

Heather Richardson
6th Grade Teacher

 Special Education
 Picture of LeeAnn McDonald LeeAnn McDonald
SDC Preschool

Photo of Jessica Douglass 
Jessica Douglass
FLS Grades 1st/2nd/3rd Teacher

 Photo of Jenna Yee 
Jenna Yee
Language Speech Specialist

Photo of Megan Erickson 
Megan Erickson
FLS Grades 4th/5th/6th Teacher

Becky Bier
Language Speech Specialist

Picture of Kaye Rush
Kaye Rush
Language Speech Specialist

Hannah Dybas
RSP 1st-6th Teacher


Picture of Emily JohnsonEmily Humphreys


 Support Staff

 Transitions Team
  Francisco Gutierrez-Padilla
Student Relations Liaison

Rollie Gibson
Student Relations Liaison


  Site Support Staff
Staci Ramirez
Office Manager

Photo of Carisa Hutchings 
Carisa Mayorga
Student Services Secretary

Photo of Marcia Booth 
Marcia Booth
Clerical Specialist
 Picture of Rachel Fern 
Rachel Fern

Photo of Jennifer Jauregui 
Jennifer Jauregui
Kitchen Supervisor

Picture of Steve Soma 
Steve Soma
Lead Custodian

Picture of Leticia Plaza
Leticia Plaza
Nurse - RN

Picture of Dena Gilroy
Dena Gilroy
Health Assistant

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